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Attracting Target Clients: 5 Strategies Leveraged in This Firm Panel Discussion


This course is intended for partners in tax and accounting firms.
Cost Free
Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateAugust 18, 2021
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

This webinar is for overworked, consistently behind, underpaid partners in tax and accounting firms with revenues from $100K to $5M who want to attract more target clients and upgrade their client base. It is NOT for accountants in industry or other professionals who are not partners in tax or accounting firms. (We feel you should know that in advance so that you don’t waste your time.)

Partners in accounting firms are working harder and more than ever—sacrificing quality of life while not being rewarded for the value they create. This is partly a function of not having enough of the right clients.

There is another way.

In this webinar, we won't tell you that you need to create content on every social media channel to suddenly win more clients; we simply show you five strategies to build a profitable accounting firm that serves you rather than the other way round based on what we call "Target the Targets."

ReNew Group has helped hundreds of accounting firms increase their profit, attract their target clients, and make a huge impact with their clients. Join this hard-hitting webinar which includes an interview with three firms, facilitated by industry executive and strategist Roy Keely. The firms will share how they improved profitability and increased their number of target clients using ReNew Group’s proven method.

Course Highlights:

  • One firm followed these recommendations to the letter and saw massive success: client numbers went down by 51%; revenue went up by 41%; the average price per client shot up by 190%; and its call volume went down by at least 50%

  • One sole practitioner increased his firm's revenue by 91% and, at the same time, reduced his clients from 508 to 157 and his tax appointments by 60

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall the actions of three firms that have followed the step-by-step process for more profitability

  • Outline five strategies used in real firms on how to obtain more target clients

  • Identify how ReNew Group helps clearly define target clients and how to obtain more of them

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Colin Dunn, FCA

ReNew Group
Chief Innovation Officer
+61 418 250115


Colin Dunn is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in coaching accountants to develop and implement strategies to build better businesses and help their clients achieve their business and personal goals.

Having spent almost nine years in a fast-growing accounting firm in the UK, Colin has spent the past 25 years training, coaching, and consulting accounting firms worldwide.

Colin, along with his business partner in ReNew Group, Shannon Vincent, is passionate about helping accounting firms customize their firms' business models so that they have less noise, more profits, and better clients, meaning they ca,n spend more time with their families and pursuing hobbies and leisure interests.


A proven leader of people, product and the P&L, Roy specializes in working across teams to build a cohesive strategy that rallies both people and profit for a sustainable future. Roy also dislikes bios vehemently so we shall stop here.

About Our Presenter


For 25 years, highly profitable small accounting firms have used our proven Lead to Lifetime Target Client Methodology to attract, land and expand their client base with target clients that happily pay $2-8K per month.
Our clients enjoy less tax season, more profits and better clients.