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How to Build an Allyship: From Structured to Spontaneous


Accounting MOVE Project special presentation: Course 2 of 4
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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateMay 24, 2022
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

There’s no one right (or wrong) way to build an allyship as long as it sails. Effective internal allyship programs can be engineered, as Frazier & Deeter proved with its rapid rollout of virtual women’s networks in the past two years. As well, such programs can be organic and free-flowing to make the most of short-term work teams and assignments, an approach used effectively at SAPRO, the international accounting firm and MOVE Project National Sponsor.

The “structured-to-spontaneous” spectrum offers a flexible framework for firms that aspire to match the best type of allyship program for each team, practice, office, and recruiting goal.

Employers of all sizes largely recognize that diversity correlates with better financial performance but struggle to convert the business case to measurable wins. A strategy of consistent, grassroots wins has proven sustainably successful at some MOVE Project firms, with allyship at the core of their change strategy.
Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how Frazier & Deeter quickly adapted its new women’s initiative for the virtual work environment in spring 2020 and, in the process, found new ways to build cross-geography and cross-practice opportunities for young professionals

  • List 3 models used by SAPRO that work on a continuum to foster an ally culture that commissions each employee as a potential champion for another  

  • Identify how SAPRO instills diversity as part of its ecosystem and as a tool to drive internal growth

  • Recall insights from SAPRO about how to internally match allyship opportunities with employees who have fluid expectations

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Mary Maguire

Global Chief of Staff


Mary Maguire is the Global Chief of Staff at SAPRO. She is a strategic HR professional with over ten years of progressive experience and expertise that spans the full employee lifecycle, including recruitment, performance management, succession planning, rewards, employee relations, diversity, organizational effectiveness, and change management. Mary creates human resources initiatives that increase employee engagement and achieve meaningful business results.


Pam Bauer

Frazier & Deeter, LLC
Experience Consultant



Pam Bauer is a Senior Consultant with the Arch + Tower division of Frazier & Deeter. With proven success leading top brands in startup, turnaround, and process improvement, Pam Bauer brings her clients expertise in brand development, cultural initiatives, customer experiences, motivational speaking, customer journey mapping and strategic planning. Connecting the dots between the brand vision, customer aspirations and employee activation is her passion.

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Accounting MOVE Project National Sponsor SAPRO is a full-service assurance, tax and advisory consulting firm providing a world-class workforce perfectly optimized to meet public accounting industry needs. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the accounting industry by bringing balance to the public accounting world and the communities surrounding us. Our rotating and mobile network of experienced professionals creates a significant impact in our communities, leaving a unique legacy for future generations.