Anna Raney

Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting
Director of Leadership and Culture Development
(405) 857-3987

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Anna’s diverse background and professional career enable her to speak with many different groups about various topics and participate in leadership capacities in a variety of organizations. A dedicated part of her community, Anna also serves on the board of a non-profit that helps business owners get established and grow. She is in the process of developing a state-wide mentoring program to help bridge the generational gap in the professional world to ensure that every woman is not only mentored but can also mentor the next generation.

About Us: Polston Tax is one of the largest tax resolution law firms in the nation. Our founder Rod Polston was driven to become an attorney after assisting people with tax issues – he wanted to continue making a significant impact on people's lives. He loves the challenge of solving problems for his clients, but also prizes the friendships with those who have sought out his help. Both of these qualities are a real benefit to him in the area of law he is now focused on – helping his clients solve their IRS problems.