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Asher Carr

Asher Carr

Asher Carr came from a humble family of African-American and Filipino roots. Living a childhood full of bullying, doubt, and uncertainty in his education and future, Asher learned how to break through the challenges of being a teenage millennial and becoming a young professional. Leveraging his experience as a college grad, finance professional, and rising entrepreneur, Asher will connect with the young leaders of tomorrow and share tools that helped him achieve success in school and life.

About Us: Description: Asher Carr is a first-generation college graduate with a passion for serving people through the world of real estate, and inspirational speaking. Growing up in the public school system, Asher overcame the limited beliefs placed on him, deeming him “slow”, compared to his cohorts. By high school, he achieved honors and gained leadership experience through multiple clubs and organizations. During his college career, Asher's success skyrocketed as a business major and he received multiple awards and accolades for his character, scholarship, student leadership, and citizenship. After graduating from Penn State in 2016, he started his career in financial operations before shifting to real estate operations in 2019. In his first year in real estate, Asher acted as the Client Engagement and Operations Coordinator for a team at Keller Williams Capital Properties, a top 1% real estate brokerage in Washington, DC. During his first year in real estate, Asher brought in millions in sales volume for his team. He is also a licensed Realtor in New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Through real estate, Asher learned the art of “service before sales” under Keller Williams and continues to transform the lives of clients by meeting and exceeding their needs. As a speaker, he leverages his faith, and wisdom to spread optimism and passion for inspiring others to create their success stories through faith, family, and business.