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The Original IRS Transcript Management Software - 6 Month Trial Membership

IRS data simplified

The IRS maintains one of the world’s oldest and largest databases. Tax Help Software has pioneered the acquisition and analysis of IRS transcripts for over a decade. Tax Help Software continues to lead the industry it created.

A large misconception in the tax community is that transcripts are only for tax resolution cases. Tax Help Software has focused on using tax data to generate revenue for tax practices from the beginning. 

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Retention & Revenue Opportunities

Tax Check Ups

  • Plain English report identifies refund and amended return opportunities
  • First Time Abatement checker

Audit Detection and IRS Status Monitoring

  • Post Filing Income Verification & Red Flag Reports spot return filing issues long  before the IRS
  • Software identifies initiation of exams by the IRS 6 months in advance, including CP2000s
  • Monitor notices and opportunities for tax resolution services

Tax Resolution

  • Streamline client onboarding by quickly & easily diagnosing taxpayer issues
  • Suite of tools for every stage of tax resolution



•Transcript Downloader with 50,000 per hour capacity. Best in the industry!

•The most complete, detailed and accurate transcript report logic in the industry.

•Top First Time Abatement Penalty logic allowing more refunds for more taxpayers.

•The only product that imports data from the transcripts and other data sources directly into IRS resolution forms.

•The 10 largest tax resolution companies exclusively use Tax Help Software. 


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PLEASE NOTE: After your 6-Month Trial, the Annual License Price: THS Executive $700 minus $100 Renewal Discount = $600 (Plus Optional Features: Resolution Package = $150 / Bankruptcy Discharge Calculator = $400) Annual licenses will cost $600 to $1,150.

Company Tax Mentor
Original Cost $625.00
Discount $375.00
Cost $250.00
Intended Audience CPA - small firm
CPA - medium firm
CPA - large firm
CFO / Controller
Enrolled Agent


Tax Mentor

From the makers of Tax Help Software comes the next GAMECHANGER for the Tax Industry. Created by tax pros for tax pros, Tax Mentor is your go-to resource for practical and principled tax resolution training.

So many tax professionals struggle to make a profit in the tax resolution space that they often give up, possibly losing long-term tax clients in the process. Tax Mentor’s revolutionary custom consultation report allows tax pros of all levels to benefit from the decades of experience at Tax Mentor.